Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Long run with hill fartlek

1:51 total run time. I had completely anticipated a high HR today because I have a cold but I ended up feeling very good. My HR was only breaking 150 with a solid effort so I went with it and ran the hills up to AeT (or marathon effort/ HR ~10 beats below threshold) with the flats and downs between HR 140-150. Very solid run. It's snowing fairly hard out but if it doesn't stick then I'll get out later for an easy bike.

 And below is a freshly started seat cover. This will be my own and is going to have either one inch black steel spikes coming off the back or small silver pyramids around the back. I want to leave it black on black. 


kerrie said...

Um, where exactly are the spikes going to go?

Lucho said...

You have the vibro-buoy and I have my spike saddle. If I use the long spikes they'll stick straight out the back.

Matt said...

What exactly are you training for?
Solid bike and run stuff. Is this for the Leadville double?

I meant to ask for a scientific response to a question I have, which I am sure you have answered 1,234 times on this blog of yours.

Recently I did probably 1 1/2 months of running a lot of steady stuff (after months of kinda building a "base"), no HR consideration, no focus on aerobic other than a "mellow" run here and there. A lot of hills, harder efforts.

starting a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go with just aerobic efforts. I did 60 miles that week and this week I have a little cold but want to continue to just go aerobic for the next month or so.

What does that change do for the harder work I was doing? In other words, what am I doing?

(I am building toward a small mtn. run of 25k in Jan. and a 15k trail in Feb. future 50k, GC this spring)


Lucho said...

What effect will 'aerobic' focus have on higher intensity based fitness? For the 50k it is good because you are evolving your fitness more towards the specific. But for the 15k you are doing exactly the opposite.
With out having planned anything with specific periodization I would say to not worry about it and just continue to do what you feel like. Have fun and then try to have fun in your races.