Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday 12.5 miles with hill fartlek

Am) 3.5 miles with 1230 feet of climbing. Cross country out my back door is a creek bed that I followed up to 9200 feet. So about 1000 feet of the climbing came in the first 1.75 miles.

Pm) 9 miles with 1450 feet of climbing and done as a hill fartlek. I hadn't planned on this 'workout' but it came to me. I wore my i-pod and my music selection is still set to a Leadville play list that was meant to bring me back from the dead... I ended up not using my i-pod at Leadville and opted instead to listen to Tim sing TV tunes. The hill fartlek was done simply as a V02 max uphill effort until I started to lose power... then jog to recover... repeat. The downhills were done trying to run as fast as I could comfortably go. I feel amazingly good.


Footfeathers said...

Visit family the following week. Pace me at Bear!! I'll even sing all the tunes still.

kerrie said...

what is the air quality like by you? do you have any smoke or ash?
we are even getting some ash at our place.....but i think it's blowing this way.

Lucho said...

Tim- Damn man, I wish I could pace you at Bear more than anything! The family reunion has been on the calendar for months though and I can’t bail on my wife and make her drive 10 hours one way with two toddlers… I’m totally bummed though.

Kerrie- We are several canyons South and a ~mile West of the fire so all the smoke has blown away from us. It would take a fire in Nederland or Central City for us to get anything.