Tuesday, August 17, 2010


4 miles in 32:55 with an average HR of 124/ max 135. Not flat of course, about 400ft of climbing if I remember correctly. Legs felt OK, not super.


Brett said...

More importantly, Disturbed is releasing a new album, which looks pretty good so far.

Here are two of the first songs I have seen:


Another Way To Die

GZ said...

Is the new header photo from Yellowstone?

I have to share that Nat Geo issue with you re: "wolf wars" from earlier this year.

Lucho said...

YES!!! I'm diggin me some Disturbed. For Leadville I have a killer playlist on my i-pod and 4 or 5 Disturbed songs.

G- I have that issue. Not sure where the header pic was taken but almost for sure Yellowstone. I love the look on the wolf's face. Sort of like he's looking back at you and saying "Come on".

FastED said...

Disturbed, Godsmack, Eminem on mine! Gets me going. We're past wishing "good luck" cause it's about going out and having a great experience. When it starts to hurt, remember where you're at and how lucky you really are! Good family, good health, and good friends is what life is all about!

Lucho said...

Good stuff Ed, thanks!!