Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday in pictures

I took two pictures today. The one below is of an old (ca.1900) homestead out on the plains by my home town.

And this is of the surface that I ran on. I took my shoe off simply because a bare footprint is more interesting than a Nike Lunar print. The roads around here are powder soft and incredible. If it weren't for the gazillion 1/2" goatheads you could run barefoot. I logged 15 miles with a very surprising 900ft of elevation gain. It's damn rolling around here.

And I took Ben to the stock car races at the county fair tonight. We had cotton candy and watched the race cars and then rode a few of the rides and played some games. I appreciate this so very much. Not only time with my son but being able to share my own childhood experiences with him. This is where I grew up and to see him in this place, doing the things I did at his age. It's hard to describe. I feel old and proud and sad and happy beyond belief. Nostalgic and also so optimistic for the future. It makes my head and heart hurt.


Dave said...

The final paragraph made my eyes water a bit.

Then I went on Facebook and made fun of some NERDZZ. What losers, AMIRITE?

Finally, Lucho Fact #2 (first in the comments on my blog): The Theory of Relativity states that you can't travel faster than the speed of a Lucho tempo run.

Deanna said...

Glad you came back for the fair and had a good time. Your comments make being on the Amusement Board worthwhile for me and my husband. We've been saying we're going to quit because of all the local politics involved in community events. But you have made us realize that it does mean a lot to some people....and I guess that's who we do it for in the first place.