Thursday, July 1, 2010

30 miles. 4 laps on Walker Ranch

30 miles in 4:50 with 6320 feet of climbing. HR average 150. It was 91 degrees.
Splits per 7.5 mile lap (each lap has 1580 feet of elevation gain):
Lap 1- 1:14:34 Felt blah.
Lap 2- 1:15:35 Felt OK.
Lap 3- 1:11:30 Felt good.
Lap 4- 1:08:43 Felt incredibly good.


Brad Poppele said...

Awesome!!! That's all I got to say.

Rick said...

I've just sent the link to this post over to the guys.

Lucho said...

Thanks Brad.

And thanks Rick... I can't wait to hear what a bunch of douche bags have to say.

Emz said...

feeling better at lap 4 than lap 1?! You've got to be shitting me.

Oh God, help me to run like you on Sunday. ;)

Anonymous said...

If you felt that good on the fourth lap, then I will expect a fifth next time! sshhaaawwaaappp! (that was my whip snapping). get used to it.

Dave said...

What is the correct response to this workout?

A. Facebook-style "like"
B. Scream "WITCH!", gather pitchforks
C. Think back to our last run, remember how my legs felt, commit Samurai ritualistic suicide
D. "He's nawt fastt!!1!"
E. None of the above, refrain from comment to go out and run

I'm gonna go with a mix of A and E. Except I'll substitute a run with sympathy-eating 2 pizzas. AMAZING!

Lucho said...

Tim- I thought about trying a 5th but my achilles started feeling tight. No need to be a hero.
Next time for sure though.

GG- You will!

Dave- Best comment ever. Hilarious!

Rick said...

Dave - Let go to letsrun and fuel the fire!

Brett said...

Sounds like Geoff Roes...start feeling good after about 70 miles. For you it was after about 53 miles over the last 28 hours.

Lucho said...

Brett- No one better to emulate than the best!

Rick- I thought you liked me.

Rick said...

letsrun only bashes the best!

Lucho said...

Nahh, I'm pretty sure everyone is fair game. But thanks!

GZ said...

JK moment: whatever.