Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Happy Father's Day..

 Thank you so incredibly much to my wife for giving me my two sons. With out her Father's Day wouldn't mean anything to me. 

No jogging again. I did however buy a new jump rope today because I wore through my other one during a weight lifting session this morning. I have also gotten my weight up to 150 finally which has been somewhat difficult. I'm not a big fan of eating.

 Last night was a party at a friends house that featured 'wild game' fare. I had wild pig for the first time, venison, and some phenomenal elk. I have been wanting to put in for an elk or deer license and I think I will be doing so next season. I had thought that I would use a rifle (a 7mm Mag if you're curious... Glock Girl) but now I think I will go with a bow. When I was 14 I bought a bow license for a deer and even stalked one to the point I could draw on him... but I chickened out. I was alone in the woods, a scrawny 90 pound 14 year old kid about to kill a deer with an arrow. I remember thinking that I couldn't bear it if my aim was poor and I simply wounded the deer and he got away. I'm OK with killing... just not torturing. 

 And we had our first bear visit last night. It trashed our hummingbird feeder (for the sugar water) and tore our trash apart on our deck. Damn it... I'm with Dave now and will be voting him in to office just so he can kill all the Pandas. Although I'm sure it wasn't a Panda on our deck last night. There hasn't been wild Panda bears in Colorado since the 60's. But a relative will do nicely for hummingbird feeder redemption.


skatona said...

Why are you trying to gain weight?

Lucho said...

I want to be a strong 40 year old that can carry both his boys on his shoulders... not a runner who is weak and fragile. I can be fast and strong and not skinny and weak.