Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday 17 miles

I stopped at 17 miles (3200ft of ascent) feeling completely drained. My mind was willing but my energy was somewhere else.
I looked back at my training logs and see why. Last week was my biggest run week ever (by time) and also had over 22,000 feet of climbing. I had two runs over 6 hours (The Edge Loop, on Saturday, was a 35 mile run and I did a hike afterward with the family). I then drove 11 hours on Sunday. Then did hill intervals on Monday with the baby jogger. Then ran a hard tempo run yesterday... so if I wasn't wasted today then that would be odd. I maybe under ate yesterday but that rarely comes back around as fatigue, it's usually just a depressed HR and a higher PE. Funny that after so many years I can still miss these things. Like sunburns and hangovers... I never learn. I have crept away from pre-planning my weeks and this is the pitfall. By just winging it day to day I struggle with consistent quality of running. The easy days lean more towards the moderate which then make the hard days only moderate. Monday should have been a super easy jog and instead I ran hill intervals with a 100 pound stroller...


Brett said...

Today you had balls of skin.

Eat some extra iron tonight...maybe scramble some cheese/meat laden eggs and really scrape the pan when you serve them to get some extra heavy mettle. :)

Lucho said...

Yep. Actually I think my wife took them to work with her.

Rick said...

Maybe you need to drink more milk before your long runs ;-)

Lucho said...

Ha! I drank some heavy cream... does that count?
Check out this article on Jurek's diet:

Brett said...

Oh damn his mom just died recently.

Best wishes to him.

beth said...

"like sunburns and hangovers....I never learn"

possibly one of my favorite quotes ever.

eat up, rest up... run good in a few days. you're killing it :)

Brett said...

He just did over 165 miles and broke the American record.

He went through 100 at 14 hours.

I can't imagine running 100 miles. I can't imagine running 100 miles and then still having 10 more hours to go.

Running 65 miles in 10 hours is pretty damned amazing by itself.

Lucho said...

Beth- It's true too. I still get sunburned after thinking 'Oh, I won't get burned' and I still wake up feeling like ass after drinking.

Brett- Ya, Jurek rocked!