Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Am) Beaver Brook trail (which was surprisingly rugged). I thought I started my altimeter log but after I finished I realized I hadn't started it. No idea how long I was out and I don't really care. The trail sign I stopped at led me to extrapolate maybe 18 miles round trip? I'll call it 2 miles. 

Pm) So for the evening run I left all electronical crap at home. I know I was up over 9100ft altitude for a long time and I know that when it started to rain I was freezing my tail off and that hail stings on freezing skin. More than an hour but less than 2:30. More than 1 mile but less than 18.
Somewhere between 3 miles and 36 miles for the day. You can decide.


Brett said...

Thats right. Keep it vague to scare the competition.

Or, equally likely to scare is the exact summaries posted by folks like Tony.

Either way is entertaining.

Dave said...

"Somewhere between 3 miles and 36 miles for the day. You can decide."

You are coming over to the dark side. Literally, it's pitch black over here. While I am pushing somewhere between 100 and 550 watts on the bike, I have no freaking clue where I'm going.
Mwhahahahahhaaha (/cough)

Lucho said...

Brett- No GPS and it's ALL vague.

Dave- At 550w you're heading to the Tour. At 100w you're heading to the girls locker room (which is awesome!)

skatona said...

I decide 3 miles so I can say I ran farther than you and pretend you don't run my weekly mileage in 1 day. Take that sucker!

Lucho said...

Ha! Best response ever Shaun!