Monday, April 19, 2010


The snow has finally started to clear out and I think Spring has finally arrived. I had little time this morning with work, 2 small children and also tracking my 6 athletes at Boston. With Boston over I now have 3 running spots open on my coaching roster.
 I chose to hit Warrens road which is a jeep trail that I would be hesitant to take any jeep on... it's pretty gnarly (but not too gnarly for my soles). It still has several sections of snow and ice but is runnable. Basically I step out my door and take a right at my mailbox and I run up this:

Awesome climb that ends on a cul de sac with limitless possibilities in to Roosevelt National Forest. My legs felt incredibly good. A little tightness from the baby jogger yesterday but only in my achilles, calves, hamstrings, quads, lower back, upper back, neck, lower abdominals, obliques, chest, biceps and triceps, ear lobes, fingers, toes and eyes and hair.


Brad Poppele said...

So basically everything is a little tight? Sounds like a nice run today. Keep up the solid training!

Mary IronMatron said...

How did your athletes do? It was a perfect day here. Perfect running weather.

Anonymous said...

Is the red at the end of the graph supposed to simulate the blood running out of my ears and nose at the end of our workout tomorrow?

Someone gave me a coupon for six months of your coaching for free. I'll bring it with me tomorrow.

I'll wear my gnarly soled shoes.

Lucho said...

Brad- my left forearm felt pretty good.

M- Except for one, they all reached their goal.

T- Coupons are only good on Thursday's... sorry.