Friday, April 9, 2010


N) 30:00 recovery effort jogging.
 I spent much of the day building my wife's mountain bike and getting ready for our first camping trip of the year. It will be a cold one but certainly not our coldest. The boys do very well in the back country and Ben sees the tent and camp fire as a fun thing and never a 'hardship'. We bought a double trailer/ stroller that we will (hopefully) be using for a few camping trips via mountain bikes too. Before Liv was born we biked in to the back country up on the Colorado Wyoming border with Ben and camped and it was an amazing trip. A black bear wandered near the camp, I got it on video, and Ben sat on his first horse (don't ask).


Dave said...

Ben is being raised just like I was! My parents always took me on back-country trips when I was little (as young as 3), and I remember not always loving every second. But in retrospect, I think it built a perspective on life and love of nature that defines my character today.
Those trips into the Wind River Range with my mini back pack as a 5-year old were some of the most important moments I have had. That is so cool that you are doing that for your children!

Also, I remember my dad running ahead for an hour at a time, and pushing me up hills when I was biking. It's weird how much that meant to me now that I look back.

skatona said...

Where to?

scott said...

Hi Tim

sounds like you are enjoying the long runs in the nature..similar spirit of enjoying the countryside inspired other guys to develop similar challenges in the UK

Good luck with ledville 100


scott said...

and one of the books that gets the spirit of fell running right

GZ said...

I was wondering how you were going to limit to 14 hours when you got 8 in 2 days. Think I got it now.

Lucho said...

Dave- We had Ben and Oliver both camping before 6 months old. I hope they have great memories like yours!

Skatona- Probably Pinewood Lake.

Thanks Scott.

GZ- I met up with Anton and JV today and wanted 2 hours but ended up bailing halfway on them. The trail was complete crap. A sheet of ice up top. I'll still get close to 20 hours for the week with biking and weights.