Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday 4:24

4:24 total run time. 5239ft of climbing. Walker/Eldorado/Mesa/ Gregory/ Flagstaff/ Walker
 This was a complete accident. I started out just to jog down and do a little bit of Walker (I had planned on 1:20 total time), which I did. Then I got to the Eldorado trail and decided to pop up to the top and check out the views, which I did. Then I decided to drop down and top off my Camlebak in Eldorado Springs... and well, the Mesa Trail is just right there. So I headed up Mesa over to Chataqua and decided to run Green, which I didn't. I got to the little culdesac/ amphitheater and never saw a sign for Green. So I started up Gregory (3:15 in to the run). Felt great. Popped out on to Flagstaff Road and headed for home from there with a 2 mile section of Walker as a shortcut.
This was a total blast. Never struggled and never felt tired. Just cruised. I only had one gel with me but I did start with 2 liters of Gatorade. Good energy for all of this.


skatona said...

I know you're in crazy good shape, but man...."Oops I ran for four and a half hours."

Brandon Fuller said...

I was there, but didn't see you. See my truck there at the TH? Once you go up Gregory you should get to the lodge. Did you make it there? Or maybe you took a right and went up to Flagstaff Road? If you share your GPX with me I can tell you.

Lucho said...

Shaun- Ya, I was kind of surprised. I kept expecting to feel something and I never did. Today was easier than yesterday.

Brandon- No GPS. Just my altimeter. I hit the trail head just after noon, 12:30 or so. Is Gregory the same as Green? I popped out on to Flagstaff and just went with it.

Brandon Fuller said...

Gregory is a feeder to Green. You take it to the Green Mountain Lodge and then continue on up Ranger Trail. If you saw the Lodge, then you probably went right and up Long Canyon (which comes out at Flagstaff). If you didn't get the Lodge, then you probably took a sharp right after jumping a small creek and ran uphill to Flagstaff Road.

You were within 20 minutes.

I was there in the morning.

GZ said...

Yeah - it sounds like you just need a bit of a primer on the various ways to get up Green. It is a little tricky until you actually see it.

If you go up Gregory and then pop out on Flag, I suspect you pulled out before the upper ranger cottage - probably at the post that is in the middle of the trail there. I am thinking you went right, and should have went left to get up Green.

And there are other routes too.

Big big run man. And I love that passage 4:24 in the book of Thursday.

Dave said...

Thursday 4:24

Lucho saw the dreams that he will crush at Leadville, and it was good.

Awesome run. Before you, everyone that wore a Camelback was subject to my disdain. Not anymore :)

Lucho said...

Dreamcrusher- Ya, with long runs there's no other way to carry enough water. Especially out in the woods. I might try a filter soon though.
Good luck tomorrow!