Saturday, March 20, 2010


 Snowshoe for a long time. Just over 3 hours (I looked at my car clock before I started is all) in 2 feet of snow on single track trail with 2000+ ft of ascent (maybe closer to 3000ft?). Solid day. Fun, fun day. I'm absolutely loving heading out with no goals and no point other than to just enjoy the run. When I listen completely to my body and simply allow my legs to carry me as they want... fatigue doesn't seem to happen. Tomorrow I want head towards Boulder and get down Flagstaff... then see about getting home one way or another. The long way is ~40 miles and the out and back is 34 miles. 


Eric Bart said...

You've found your "thing". I hear the joy in your voice.

Brandon Fuller said...

We were thinking snowshoes on Green would have been a good idea today.

Lucho said...

Thank you Eric.

Brandon- Snowshoes are a bitch! I am sore as crap today. My snowshoes aren't running ones though, they're for packing.