Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday 0 miles

I could be a CEO for Microsoft and drive a Bentley... but none of that would mean more to Ben than my ability to build a Thomas the Train track that ROCKS! I love that Ben likes the wooden track and wood trains more than the electrical electronical stuff.
Monday's are huge for me. I have 16 athletes at the moment and most of their schedules are sent out on Monday so I am crazy stressed. I spent the afternoon with Ben and Oliver outside... literally the whole day from 1:00pm until 5:30pm. Ben was relentless in snow cave building, riding his Tonka truck down our driveway, hitting me with snowballs, and shoveling snow (he loves shoveling snow). Liv is content to watch until he can walk but I suspect it will be RUN before walk. Awesome awesome day with never a thought for running. Being a stay at home dad is a dream! A damn hard dream at times... but I love it. If my sons are not the word of God, then God never spoke. That's from "The Road".


Anonymous said...

Awesome perspective... more awesome living out that perspective. "The Road" - what an amazing book. Saw the movie also but the book takes the cake.


Kevin said...

About once a week, The Boy (about the same age as yours) tears appart his train tracks on his train table. He tells his mom that he is "taking it apart so Daddy can help him fix it". We won't let her do it, he says "no daddy".

It must be something about that age, I don't have snow but in South Louisiana we have lots of leaves. He fights me for the better broom or rake to help out. I all ways end up with the cheap broom or his small rake. I love seeing him rake leaves with a big old rake.