Friday, February 19, 2010

Must read...

 Ace has a new website. This seems to be an athlete's form of Darkush. Excellent stuff.

So far this week:
4 hours of cycling. 2 hours of weight lifting. 1 hour of jogging. (knee pain is gone completely). ~50 hours with my children.



Dave said...

Thanks for the link to Ace's new website! I love it. Very informative. Glad to hear your knee is better! Thanks again for the advice on my calf. The foot is all better and I'm back to running again (finally!!!).


Lucho said...

Awesome Dave! Glad to hear it. You can look at almost all injuries as being caused by an imbalance. Strength training should almost always be prescribed first, even on an injured muscle, you just need to lift appropriately so you don't cause more damage. My knee pain was caused by a small muscle in the back of my knee getting tight then causing inflammation to the attachment. You want to look at what muscles may have caused the foot issues then work on strengthening them. Single leg balance work will work every muscle in your feet and lower legs so start there. I would say to avoid calf raises. Side stepping lunges barefooted are good (close your eyes if you want to see how your stability strength really is). Also don't neglect all the muscle 'above', often times a lower leg injury originates as far up as your shoulders. My knee pain was caused most likely by a tight piriformis muscle which had been niggling at me for a while.
Ace is guru man! Lots to learn there.

Anonymous said...

50 hours with kids...priceless

Fred (aka ace) said...

Thanks for the plug and link to the new web site. Train well!