Friday, February 12, 2010


Went to packet pickup at Eddie McStiff's pub. Saw lots of familiar faces but no one I knew, everyone has beards except me and a few women. Had my small salad and glass of red wine.
 I ran the first 2 miles of the course this afternoon and it's packed snow/ slush... I don't have trail shoes. A little concerning. I also talked to the race director who was quite confident that no one should go off course if they are paying attention (he also mentioned a 1/2 mile section where he said snowshoes would be useful). I'm not as fit as usual so I'm expecting to hurt a lot, which is the goal. A little mental training. If someone wants to take it out hard I'm completely game. The plan is to tuck in behind the leader and see if I can hang to the end. 


GZ said...

Go get em man.

gaidner said...

Good luck man! Rip it!

Team Keil said...

it's JK1- attakid... this is the perfect storm for you. get em my friend. and- like you do when you do your best- have fun. The Keils are cheering you on!!

Mary IronMatron said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes. Good luck!
I'm stuck on the little salad and small glass of red wine.
Can you write a post on that--the not eating much before a big race thing?

Brett said...

Love the strategy, will make staying on course easier too. Have fun!!!