Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday 2:40 total.

Weights 1:00 I'm starting to feel adapted to the weights. It's taken ~4 weeks of gradual progression to finally feel comfortable putting on some plates, although it's really more like saucers for me. I squatted my body weight (finally) for a set of 10 reps. I'm good at squats... form that is. I never sacrifice form for weight which I see a lot. A kid was on after me and he loaded the bar and proceeded to shorten the functional life span of his lumbar spine in just a few minutes. He also never even got close to 90 degrees which means he didn't get shit out of the effort. In terms of core stability squats are brilliant if done correctly and actually place less stress on your spine than the leg press machine does... if done correctly. My leg strength discrepancy was barely noticeable today.

50:00 I did a hard variable gearing set during this. Similar to a rolling hill run, I varied the wattage and cadence between 300 watts/ 30 revs for 1:00 and 50 watts/ 100+ revs for 1:00. Then I did a 20:00 static wattage TT. My rule of thumb with this type of interval is that once you raise the wattage you can't lower it. You also have to maintain a cadence of 80+ revs (seated). I started out at 200 watts which was quite comfortable and bumped wattage every few minutes finishing at 260 watts.

Run 50:00 off the bike ASAP to a ~30:00 steady hill climb... max HR 155 so I wasn't killing it. Then turned around and held a fast pace back down.

Phenomenal day. The weights and bike I have been doing regularly, today is the first day I added a run. It felt great!

And no, I won't go back to Ironman in the foreseeable future. Powerman Zofingen would happen before that.


skatona said...

Is there a consensus about what type of stat. bike is best? The kind that feel/look like a regular bike (seated high, legs down, bent forward)? Or the "recliner" kind (legs in front, sitting up-right).

I prefer the recliner kind, admittedly cause it just feels easier not having to hold my body up, but I feel guilty using them so use the standard bike kind.

I assume the recliner kind is considered a joke to any half-serious biker.

Just curious what you (or others) thought....

Lucho said...

I am kind of a bike snob and worked hard enough that I was given all of my bikes... so I may be a bit biased. I ride at home on a bike that fits me perfectly and on a $1500 stationary trainer called a Computrainer (which is why I ride more by wattage). The most important thing for a RUNNER is that you are comfortable enough to get the ride in. You won't be spending enough time on a bike to need to over think this (I'll make sure of that :)). If you like the recumbent then ride it. There's little need for you to be miserable. But- in regards to cross training for running, the need to support your upper body has a use so if you can stand it then the traditional bike is better. You want to engage your core!
The gym bikes tend be crap in my opinion but I'm spoiled. The seats are terrible and the pedal/ cranks suck. But do what works! Remember that it's cross training and has a benefit outside of getting good on a bike.
I think getting outside is best and on a mountain bike you can find new trails and explore more.

Dave said...

There's always the American Zofingen in New Paltz, NY. I did it a year ago. Wicked climbing on the bike and awesome trail running for the runs. The long course is around 20 miles running total and around 90 miles on the bike, all with thousands of feet of elevation gain. I got hit by a car on a training ride the week of the race and still had a blast!

Also, as per tradition, people do Irish Car bombs in the transitions! I say "people" because I didn't have the guts to join them!

Either way, the cross training you're doing sounds good and you've inspired me to get back in the weight room!


Lucho said...

Zofingen has the history though! Plus it's Switzerland.
You definitely need to be lifting weights!

dude said...

let me know if you do zofingen.
that and embrun.

Lucho said...

Zofingen was always THE race I wanted to do next to Kona and I never did it. I can see myself going back to multisport eventually- probably in my mid 40's.
How are you?

Pantheon said...

yeah tim, zofingen! Thats it!

get that one in!

Lucho said...

Pantheon- Someday man...