Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday 5 miles

Perfect weather for a jog. 5 miles. Max HR 146 average HR 134. I was happy to only need to walk a couple of hills to keep the HR down. The cross training is noticeable and I'm not half as unfit as I usually am after a break. If my foot doesn't devolve in to a pile of broken shards of bone- the plan is as usual... jogging at HR <150 (145 to start) as long as it takes to get aerobically fit. MAF test as soon as my 10 mile road loop is somewhat clear of snow.


keith_S said...

I am really digging into the MAF and have so much to learn, and I am fascinated by your rebuilding process. Your's and Chuckie V's blogs, and a Mark Allen article, completely convinced me to work on pure MAF for a 16 week block.

Glad to see you back in action!

Mary IronMatron said...

What zone are you staying in during this phase, and what is your reasoning? Is it to prevent injury or is it so you can put up a solid base and bring the pace up while keeping the hr low ? Just curious.

Lucho said...

Keith- MAF is the simplest of concepts, it takes more patience and discipline than anything. There's actually very little to 'learn'. You figure your MAF range, then run strictly in the range until your fitness plateaus. Then you move on in to a more traditional running plan (I would highly recommend either Canova or Hudson). If you run high intensity too far out from your 'A' race then you simply plateau early and can never push your fitness higher. Your fitness ends up looking like a Dr Seuss house rather than a pyramid.

Mary- No zone. I'm running ~20-30 beats below LT. It has everything to do with metabolism and getting fast while burning predominately fat. I won't stay in this period as long as I normally do however and I'll gravitate a little closer to AeT (aerobic threshold) once I'm able to absorb it.

keith_S said...

Well, I guess I should have said learning about the whole discipline of running, fast and slow.

And definitely MAF training takes discipline! Check the ego at the door! Heh.