Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday 1 mile

1 mile. That's enough.

We have sustained high winds this morning that have dropped the wind chill to -31. It's 5:25am and there's a full moon out, I had planned on running by moon light. Negative 31 degrees is cold. I'm thinking ski goggles and a baclava. The trick with the baclava is getting it to stick to your face. I find it's best to use one fresh from the oven. A balaclava would probably be smarter though.


Anonymous said...

but if you used baclava you'd have something to eat along the way

Lucho said...

Ha! True, true. Edible clothing... I've always thought they should try to make gel packs edible to eliminate waste.

chr15 said...

I love freudian spelling mistakes!

I'm sure baclava would be an awesome recovery snack, carbs and protein! Not so good at keeping your face warm.