Thursday, December 17, 2009

2 miles in 2 hours

Pikes Peak in the distance looking over Brumm Trail Road.

Looking at Denver. My car is in the bottom middle of the picture on the side of the road.



A little steep here.


Rick said...

2nd&3rd photo shows a dirt road switchbacking up from the main road; that looks like some good training ground as well...

Lucho said...

That road dead ends at a house just outside the frame. The road that is in the foreground of Pikes Peak however is a monster. That thing goes for days with links in to Golden Gate Canyon State Park and some deep woods jeep trails. There are literally hundreds of roads like that all over. I've been running here for a year and I still find roads I didn't know existed. And with the need to run really, really long this summer I can run hundreds more that aren't as close.

Jim P. said...

Is that looking down into Coal Creek Canyon? Who/what owns the land surrounding the miles of jeep trails? U.S. Forest Service?


Lucho said...

We live right on the edge of Roosevelt National Forest which is where most of the good exploring is. Most of the jeep roads are probably private but they aren't all posted. If there isn't a sign then I'll run it. And if there is a sign then I'll run it quietly.
Ya, that's looking down Coal Creek towards Denver. White Ranch is just over the hill.