Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday 9 miles

Slow and ridiculously high HR. I had to walk all the steep hills to keep HR below 150. I expected it so I just rolled with the punch. After nearly a week of sedentary lifestyle nothing works right. It always comes back immediately though.
On my run today I had two different cars slow down to say hi. Bill Fanselow (who is giving me a trail tour of Golden Gate Canyon State Park tomorrow) and a lady that we know through Ben's preschool. I loved it. I felt like part of a community, sort of a small town feel. Up here it is just that though. People wave and actually cross the center line just to be safe. I see the old lady with the walking poles and the 3 labs that act like I'm a movie star when they see me. I see the guy who 'cruises' the neighborhood in his vintage tractor adorned with American flags who waves big. The elderly gentleman up the street who when he sees me always says "you should be running faster" then smiles and waves. I love it up here. I love running up here... I love running.


Justin Mock said...

Whoa, wait a mean no one yells "nice shorts..." up there? That's all I hear in Denver. My standard reply has become "thanks sweetheart."

Meg Runs said...

I'm new to your blog but I'm "feeling your love" for too! Nice post. My neighbor always yells to me, "Slow down, Meg."

Lucho said...

Justin- Nope. You helped make my point, thanks!

Hi Meg. Slow down.