Monday, October 26, 2009

Big bummer for my athlete Mike who DNF'd at Triathlon Long Distance Worlds in Australia. He hit a patch of sand 1k in to the bike and went down hard. Fractured his hip and shoulder... still finished the bike though and even 5k of the run before going to the hospital. Shitty way to end a season- this was what he worked for all year! The hardest thing about coaching is absorbing the highs and lows simultaneously. Yesterday BJ PR'd in the marathon by 32:00. Today Mike crashes out and is hurt. Ugh.

Current weather:
Feels Like

Jo and Oliver left for California yesterday. I put new tubes in the baby jogger last night but it's freezing this morning. No way to keep Ben warm. If Ben naps later then maybe I can bike on the trainer.

A few pictures from yesterday.


IronMatron said...

Those aren't domesticated pups, are they.

chr15 said...

I see you now have a dog to keep the deer out of your yard! Crazy!!!

4F feels like -11F... you mean there is a difference??? In 'English' (I hate that they make us use Celcius) thats -15 to -23, either way it's damned cold!

Stay warm!

Lucho said...

Those are the wolf hybrids.
Ya- cold! I love it though.

Dave said...

Awesome pics! Are they friendly? And that's really the mark of a great coach. It would be bad if you DIDN'T get up and/or down with athletes. More than anything it shows you're passionate about what you do.

And the athlete that crashed is a badass! Fractured hip and shoulder and still finishes not only the bike but 5k of the run??? That's hardcore!

Lucho said...

Dave- They don't seem mean. But they don't wag their tails either. The bigger dark grey wolf is gigantic. I would guess him over 150 pounds? They seem to be getting used to me running by. Love em!
Ya, Mike is certainly not one to give up. He said after the first 5k of the run he started to black out and they pulled him out of the race. I'm so incredibly proud of him and he's really had a stellar year. He's signed up for his first Ironman in St George Utah next year. From the course profile it looks like one of the hardest Ironmans in the world. That's Mike! Picks the hardest one for his first.