Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The quality of this picture is inspiration to buy a new camera! If anyone has any suggestions I welcome them... I'm looking at a Canon Elph series.

Not sure what the good news is... maybe the owner has wood?

More steep grades.

There's a lady running in the middle of this picture on the lower road through the trees. This is a triple switchback behind my house.

Bundled up at 9000ft with Ft. Collins in the back ground. I'm still half asleep.

Sun up.


Trevq said...

If you have $17,000 to spare then how about:


and this:


I'd recommend getting a camera with RAW format - you can read about it here:

If that is not for you then the Olympus tough serise are waterproof and pretty good: the bundled software is not good you are better off using Mac or MS own s/w.

The bundled s/w with Canon is great but their waterproof camera is not as good as the Olympus.

It's better to decide what you need and then take it from there. Or as a wiser man than me says: "need, want, afford: pick two."

Kimberly said...

Digital camera suggestions?

I LOVE my panasonic Lumix DMC TZ3. There is now an updated version
(Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5). Google it to check out some reviews.

It's not super duper small, but mine fits in my jersey pocket so I can take photos on bike rides. It has an amazing 10x zoom and a high quality Leica lens. And the price isn't too bad. I've been very happy with the quality and enjoy playing with the open exposure for taking pictures at night (starry sky setting). It takes good fireworks pictures too.

good luck finding a camera

Lucho said...

Trev- I've already got several of those... I'm bored with them. ha
"need, want, afford: pick two." I've seen the Olympus, I like the idea of having a 'sport' camera.

Kimberly- That camera is on my list after seeing some reviews. I was one of the top rated.

Thanks guys!

BRFOOT said...

Dude, been a while since I checked in, new job. Looks like you need some more wood. What a great place to go for a run. 1 month right,,,,kick ass

Lucho said...

Thanks Brfoot.

Paul said...

Lucho, I have one of the Olympus cameras and it is really nice not having to worry about getting it wet or falling on it. It is a little slow so taking series of pictures can be irritating but for the landscapes you take while running it should work fine. I picked up a refurbished model on ebay for under $125.

RunColo said...

One word - Polaroid

Wave of the future.

Lucho said...

Thanks a bunch guys!