Saturday, September 19, 2009


am) 8.8 miles in 1:02:03. 7:02 pace feeling relaxed and easy.
I will clarify what my problem is. I live in the most beautiful place ever in my eyes. It's hilly and at high altitude and I love running here. This morning I ran before the sun was up, 37 degrees with the smell of wood smoke in the air. The sun came up and my mind was free and at peace. In order for me to run well at Chicago (or so I and many others believe) I need to drive down and hit key workouts on the flats. I'm sick of feeling the need to run in a place I don't want to. I simply want to run in the mountains and watch the sunrise and breath the mountain air and think mountain thoughts and run how I feel. I absolutely love running up here but I feel that it will hurt my chances of running well at Chicago. This idea is what I'm burnt out on. I don't want to train for Chicago, but all I want to do is train. So my wife has told me to forget Chicago, or rather forget training FOR Chicago and just go out and run the way I love to. If it ruins my race at Chicago then so be it.


keith_S said...

After following your site for many months, starting my own running program, I have found much inspiration and confidence from you and your experiences. I find your workouts and speeds simply incredible, I am 39 and was happy this morning averaging 147 HR at a 9:31 pace in 70F/93% humidity on my LSD run!!! I can't even comprehend your fitness level...

I say do what feels good. If that is racing, fine, if that is running 26.2 miles alone in the mountains, fine. Your wife got it right.

I also say, race for the sheer fun of it, in Chicago. Who cares how you finish as long as you have FUN with it. My first marathon is Nov. 15th, I hope to beat a 3:55, but whatever happens, I will have fun, I won't walk, and I will think about some of your experiences that have made me try harder.

Fred (aka ace) said...

So I'm just going to say, "I'm with your wife on this one."

I think so many times we get caught up in "shoulds" and "have to's" around our training and we forget why we are outside in the first place. We are outside doing what it is we love -- be it running or sitting on the deck watching the sunset with your family. Racing in my opinion, is only to satisfy your curiosity, give a focus to training, and to hold space for one another as we share the experience of our collective personal experiments in human potential.

Remember when we do what love because we love it, that is when we are both successful and wealthy.

Lucho said...

Awesome Keith that you're doing your first marathon! I'm flattered that I can be inspiration to you- hopefully you learned something useful! Thanks.

And as always Ace- great advice. You always have great insight. Thanks!

RunColo said...


What will your plan be if the weather at Chicago is warm like it has been the last couple of years, hovering around 60-70 at the start with that lovely midwest humidity? Will you immediately adjust (scale back) your goals and race pace?

Just curious because you're used to running now on cold/cool mornings with no humidity. You and I both grew up in the midwest and that midwest heat, especially the humidity really scare me to run a fall marthon there.

I'd rather run at altitude than on a humid day at sea level, I have a hard time adjusting now, wondering about yourself?

Hope to see you at Boulder Half manana.

Best of luck - Esco

Matt said...

You = mountain runner. . .

Is there an echo in here?

Yeah, I think your wife is right.
Follow your bliss.

However, we do grow when we "contradict" ourselves, put ourselves in awkward/difficult places and come through.

Maybe just go down the mountain for a few more key work-outs, but stay "home" otherwise. Just go down there and get it done, cuz you kinda have a job to do; in fact you're going out of town on business in a few weeks, to Chicago and you have to be prepared for that "meeting."

You can have your cake and eat it too, Tim. Everyone just wants you to run. You'll have fun in Chicago. Put on those Lunars and just do it.

wende said...

Jo, what a wise woman she is....

Lucho said...

Simon- I always raced my best at Ironman Hawaii which had ground temps of 130 degrees on the marathon so I think that I am good at preserving electrolytes (I don't sweat much) and I'm diligent with hydration. I'll run Chicago (probably) with out a watch and just run by feel so if the heat affects me it will only affect my effort, in other words I won't intentionally ease up. Hyper hydrate the day before, drink a ton race morning if it's warm and expect to have to pee once (lose 45" to save 10:00), then hit every aid station diligently. I train with my Camelbak a lot so drinking and running are natural for me... I'm not worried about heat.

Word Matt. How far are you from Monterey? I'll be in Monterey for 5 days after Chicago.

Wende- Yup. She always right. And hot.

keith_S said...

Lucho. Keith_s's brother (Kevin S) here. Word. Go to Chicago and just do what you described... go to Chicago and run with feel. I think you will slam it even if it is far from the beauty you run in. You were my inspiration for my first Ironman which I just did in Louisville on Aug 30th. Your self coached Kona peformances are amazing and your Lady is no doubt in tune to you, having been in agreement with your goals over the years.

Looked up some old articles on you over the Kona races... shiiiiittttttt..... nothing but nails. I don't believe you that you have a mental weakness. Nope... no way dude! Sub 3 marathon in Kona? How many people did you drop on the run? So go for broke. Those boys in your current blog picture have the same Hero no matter what the clock says in Chicago.

And... more mountain pictures please! You almost have my wife convinced that we should move there or go there a couple of times a year!:)

Kevin S

Lee said...

It all makes me smile. The whole process, I mean. Lucho, you're awesome, and I have no doubt you'll do what is best for you, and that is why we all read this blog. And, one dude with a hot wife to another, they are always right.

IronMatron said...

I'm with your wife on this one, too. Not that I know you at all, but from reading this for the last few weeks, that sounds about right!

Lucho said...

Thanks IM!

Kimberly and Charles said...

I know chicago is your focus this year, but on the same weekend is a 10 mile memorial trail run at elevation (8,000-9,000 ft) in Laramie, WY. Check out the race profile - looks more like what you run everyday. Anyway, you should keep it in mind for next year because I think you'd enjoy it and do really well - it's mostly single track and there's plenty of climbing. Plus it's a good cause - the race is held in memory of 8 members of the Univ of Wyoming cross country team that were killed by a drunk driver in 2001.
Here's the link below:

Maybe next year. :)

scott said...

Hi Lucho

just some rambling thaughts
hope yOU run Chicago and come back with some good stories for us!!

you are living in a very beautiful quiet place ...everything is goin great....
look back to some of the driving forces of some modern sports
rugby/football...played by working class miners/steelworkers who wanted to blow off thier frustrations of shitty / tough jobs
and have a laugh with thier mates afterwards

crosscountry running/cycling
living in shitty terrace houses with no money for travel..running in the countryside cost no money...
and racing every weekend was a chance to get out of the house and see new areas ..and have a laugh with your mates later

so being around motivated guys who were racing reguarly with a club..cammaradarey and competition within the club was a big part of pushing and improving
and the whole process of racing...
being exited to see somwhere new
travelling with your mates to the race
having a good go in the race and then a great night out later

all the best


Lucho said...

Thanks Scott.