Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday 5 miles

am) Easy recovery jogging of 5 miles. No watch or HR but I would guess it took 45:00. I felt OK after yesterday, which the more I think about it, was a killer run for me. Part interval session, part non-altitude adjusted marathon pace session. The only thing I regret is not having driven to Walker Ranch instead of home.
Nap for 2 hours.
No second run.
And thanks to Brett for the new "Rules of Joghard" posted to the left.


Anonymous said...

thumbs up on those rules!

Dave said...

Yeah, great rules!
Off the topic a bit, but what do you think about the new Lunar Glides? I'm a big fan of the Trainers as I know you are, but I'm not impressed with the Glides at all. I actually just got a couple pairs of the Run Avants with the same Lunar Lite foam and found them to be the best of all the Lunar series...minus the original racers. Just wanted to see what you thought.

Lucho said...

Thank you DS.

Dave- I haven't seen a pair, but I read about them and they sound like every other shoe on the market. I'll stick with the Trainers and Racer.
Why don't you like them?

Dave said...

The Glide's are just too much shoe. They're a little heavier than the original trainer. I think they just tried to do too much in one shoe.

I like the Run Avant because it reminds me a lot of the original trainer. To me, it's the shoe in between the Trainer and the Racer. The one complaint I had with the trainer was the bulkiness. This seems to have been taken away with the Run Avant.

Lucho said...

Thanks for that Dave. Maybe I'll get a pair of the Avant. My Lunar Trainers are collapsing a bit.