Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday 0 miles.

Zip, zero, nada in the jog log. Instead I adhered to the first rule of Joghard (see the list to the left). We are hosting a family reunion starting tomorrow so I spent the day putting (almost) finishing touches on the fireplace redo. I smoothed the mortar joints between the brick with grout and am painting the brick with a white stain. It's 95% done and looks awesome. I made a screen window for the boy's bathroom too. My wife has her own bathroom with a gigantic tub, double sinks, and large double window next to the tub that swings open to views of the Continental Divide- that's her sanctuary. The boy's room is smaller and is strewn with tub toys and a little on the dirty side. Toilet seat up is an option. We also went through a sea of toys and culled the toy herd. The weak and injured lost out to bulldozers, Thomas The Train track, and Benny's precious ball and Hot Wheels collections.


Matt said...

We've put Thomas and all his buddies in the garage. Breaks me up when I think about it. Jack's "moved on."

Enjoy it while you can, Lucho. Of course, when he asks about Wii, etc., I show him the soccer ball/bathing suit and nuff said.

Jack and Ben 2010.

BRFOOT said...

what time is dinner?

Lucho said...

Matt- Ya I hear you. Ben is 2-1/2 and Oliver is 4 months, hopefully it won't go too fast.

Brfoot- 6:00 sharp. Bring some wine.

Josh said...


His and hers bathrooms. Lauren would love that.

chr15 said...

Lime wash? on the chimneybreast, sounds amazing.

Your wife's bathroom too, sounds like a fantastic view!

Used to love Thomas the Tank Engine when I was a kid... Nix that, still love it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect "training" day amidst all the running on your way to sub 2:30! Really looking forward to seeing you kill it in a couple o' months.

Lucho said...

It's not really a lime wash- the brick is super old and porous so I painted it lightly with a white primer. The brick soaked it up and gives it a softer look. And I never heard of Thomas when I was growing up, I was surprised to hear that he's been around since the 50's!?

Thanks Kevin!