Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday 14 miles w/ 9 mile hilly tempo at altitude.

am) 5 miles. I drove down to Boulder to run something, I wasn't sure what it was going to be. I got there and the track was packed with a football team and several of the best runners in the country and the best triathlete in the world right now- Matt Reed. I jogged for a few miles then messed around with a half hearted attempt at an interval before realizing it was loud. I couldn't focus and I didn't really want to be around people. If that's a problem then I'm OK with it. So I drove home.

am) Got home then: 9 miles at altitude in 54:09 (6:01 pace).

My brain was off today- more than usual- I left my HR monitor at home and walked out the door to see how tough I was. I simply ran hard up the hills and tried to hold 5:30 pace down. The graph above shows the course- not the hilliest I have but solid for sure. I stopped at half way and threw up Lime Gatorade and half a Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar. After the hill at 8.2 (steepest hill of the run) I was completely hypoxic and my lips and fingers tingled and I remember thinking that the sky was really blue and the trees were soooo green. It was beautiful.
I wore heavy Mizuno trainers for this... kind of wish I had worn my Lunaracers.


Anonymous said...

I respect your ability to train hard but I see no game plan here in your training. In my humble opinion not enough easy days at 7:00 plus pace mixed in with marathon pace runs (adjusted for altitude)and hard repeat miles(or repeat 2 milers)
Throw in some good progressive runs for good measure. Your aerobic base is incredible.
Good luck

Lucho said...

Anonymous- I can see that enough to agree with you. I do get caught up in the idea that more is better. I'm at the point (where my "aerobic base is incredible") that even running at a low HR is too hard to allow quality days. I have been doing the 1k repeats and wanting to build towards the mile repeats, that does need to happen sooner than later. Thanks for the comment!
Are you racing Chicago?

Brett said...

I am confused with Anon's post.

All TW did for months was sub 150 HR runs to build the base. Now with each passing week closer to the Chicago Marathon he is going into different phases with more focus on race specific workouts.

I believe there was even a specific post around timetables and phases.

So while yes there don't appear to be many low HR runs anymore, I think that was the point at this phase.

Of course, I may be missing something too...

Lucho said...

Brett- I think Anon's comment was geared more towards consistency in hitting key session's every week. The last 2 weeks were all over the place. I need to dial back the easy runs a little more. Although yesterday's evening run was sub 150 HR it was too hard to really be anything that is beneficial. Too slow and too fast, it needs to be either or. I have followed a somewhat tight structure but I get off track a little bit. I'm heading down a path I've never been on, so I'm still learning and sort of doing it by trial and error.
Anon's comment wasn't off the mark. But- My long run 2 weeks ago was 17 miles at altitude adjusted marathon pace (if there is such a thing). Today was basically a damn hard interval session with 5:30 pace (my marathon goal) recoveries. I think I'm getting close, I'm just not spot on the mark yet.
Thanks for having my back though!

jason said...

To add to the dogpile...

I couldn't focus and I didn't really want to be around people

While I totally understand the sentiment, I'm curious as to why you didn't take that as an opportunity for some mental training. After all, you're not exactly going to be running Chicago all alone.

Lucho said...

Jason- It was football players crossing the track to get drinks mostly. I've never trained well in groups. It probably would have been a good opportunity, maybe next time.

dude said...

"The last 2 weeks were all over the place."

Mate, plans are for pussies. You're doing great.

"kind of wish I had worn my Lunaracers."

Solution: do 90% of your runs in them. At least that's what I do (just tore the upper on my first pair, so extra ventilation for free. I guess another 50mls and they are history.).

Will be in Boulder again 2-8 September. No car though. Maybe I'll see you on a run down there. Would be great to ctach up.


Lucho said...

LOL... plans are for pussies. Love it.
I have no problem driving down to run with you, lets set it up.
I love the racers! I bought a 1/2 size too small so I'm going to get another pair for Chicago, which means I can trash these. The Lunaracers and trainers are the best shoes I've ever worn hands down. Nike hit it out of the park with them.
Cheers and thanks for the good word.