Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday 14 miles

pm) 5 miles. No watch, no HR. Just jogging. It felt quick though.


jameson said...

word. what's your take the amount of the calories the garmin said you burned? reliable? even close?

i have always thought the garmin numbers were quite high and just disregard them. for running i have always just used 100 calories per mile... i know it's not precise but gives me a rough estimate.

Lucho said...

I certainly wouldn't use the Garmin numbers. Your unique economy is important to consider and training log trends and an idea on total caloric intake in comparison is a good way to go. Or get your RQ tested.
The 100 cal/ mile is a good number to use. I would guess myself to be closer to ~90. And in the interest of leaning out I would err on the low side.