Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday 0 miles

I had a plan to make an assault on Walker Ranch this morning but it rained hard last night and I knew it would be sloppy... the trail, not my attempt. Although I have been known to run sloppy. So I didn't set my alarm before going to bed thinking that my inability to sleep more than 6 hours would allow me to get in a few miles before my beautiful wife went to work. I woke up 10 hours later at 7:30am. My wife went to work and I spent the day with my boys. We spent much of the day cutting the "lawn" which is actually a full acre of wild flowers, sage and prairie grass. Quite beautiful but also quite flammable at the end of the summer. Since I don't really believe in spending money on things that make life easier I have a weed whip that ranks up there with my ax as a core workout. I'm raking as I go so I have heaping piles of grass, wild flowers and sage lying all over the yard. My wife got home and it promptly began to dump rain again as I was getting my jogging suit on, so no run. It didn't break 55 degrees all day and right now it is freezing for the end of July. 46 degrees the last I checked. I am betting it will be in the 30's in the morning. It was a nice day off from the jogging.


kerrie said...

as soon as it is dry, we should have a huge bonfire. i bet that would make you really popular with your neighbors.

chr15 said...

You Scythe your own grass, cool.

Awesome core work out, esp over an acre!

Do you not know anyone who could use it for hay?

Lucho said...

Chr15- There seem to be more horses up here than people.. good idea for sure! There are horses on the land next to us. Thanks.