Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday 7 miles. Week total 100 miles.

I over slept this morning and woke up at 7:50am. Since we had planned to go to the Mile High Flea Market today, I missed my chance to run long this morning. We bought Ben a tricycle (or as he calls it, a yikel) and we stocked up on fresh roasted chiles and mangos. I also spent my monthly splurge money on a 3 pound bench vise. Since I won shoes yesterday I can buy something less practical for myself.
pm) jogged 7 miles easy. Felt lethargic after all day on my feet. Average HR 121.
Next week starts a training period referred to by Canova as "fundamental". I'll give a few hard interval sessions a go and see how I handle them. 14 weeks to Chicago.


dude said...

Hats off to your racing - well done mate.
I love NYC and don't dread being back but man, it stinks! I want that lovely pine tree smell back. :(


Lucho said...

Thanks Uli!