Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday 11 miles

I feel like crap. I ended up resting a ton this week as I started to see my HR VS pace correlations drop and I felt tired. I had 3 weeks hard which seems about my limit living up here. Recovery is affected by the high altitude very significantly. Last year I could string together many weeks at ~100 miles and I was OK. Hopefully the longer I live here the deeper my acclimation will get. I really believe it is better to do a hard training block followed by a 4-5 day rest rather than simply push through to 7-8 weeks of mediocre training. I see athletes try this and they almost always get injured or burnt out or they never are able to truly train hard because of fatigue. It's worth a ton to have a little foresight and realize that a rest break is extremely beneficial. I tell my athletes all the time that we do not get stronger from training, we only get stronger from rest. Training makes us weak. My analogy (is that right?) for this idea is that if you didn't get weaker from training then you could simply step out the door and start running with out stopping for hundreds of miles and by the end you would be a world class runner...
So, this morning I jogged 8.5 miles easy. HR was through the roof and I had to walk a bunch of hills. Low energy and this sucked.
Pm) 2.5 miles with 5 X 20" strides. Started to feel much better.
Tomorrow is the La Sportiva Eldora 10k just up the road from me and I'm entered. This will be my first trail race. The lure of mountain racing is starting to ooze in to my head... we'll see how tomorrow goes.


C Brad Poppele said...

Good Luck tomorrow. I enjoyed your pictures from yesterday. Looks like an awesome place to live and train.

Matt said...

It's almost a relief to read a post like this. Yours is a kind of spiritual journey and such a deep, genuine process will ebb and flow.

Rest up.

Lucho said...

Thanks guys..