Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday big snow jogging..

Woke up to this beautiful scene...

Jogged 45:00 up on the same road I saw the pooma tracks the other day. Mine were the only tracks this morning.... not sure if I'm happy or disappointed with that. It was amazing and beautiful running in the complete solitude and silence, the snow deadens all sounds and even your foot fall is quiet. These runs are possibly my favorite- feeling completely free and peaceful, I think this is why I run.
My wife bought me an ID tag to carry when I run.
Shoveled the driveway for a good 30:00 post jog.


Jeff said...

You just have to make sure the mountain lion doesn't eat the tag : )

Justin Mock said...

Do you think you might get a treadmill before next winter?

Just curious as it is on my list.

RunColo said...


I have a free entry into:

You can have it if you want it, race is on April 26th. Just shoot me an email.

Ward said...

I officially hate you... ;-)


Lucho said...

Jeff- Ya.. no doubt! I would imagine the lion would just eat the meaty bits.

Justin- Treadmill? First you suggest Lets(hate) and now a treadmill? We need to run together more often...
A treadmill would mean I miss out on running in amazing and beautiful mountains. I don't even notice the weather now- or I appreciate being able to endure it.
I had a chance last year to buy a great treadmill from the gym I used to go to(they were upgrading. The manager is a good friend of mine and was going to give it to me for the shipping cost of their new one. $150.00. I passed. For me running has become something more than just moving my legs. If I had to stare at a wall I would rather not run. I've seen the most amazing things and learned more about myself in the worst conditions. You couldn't GIVE me a treadmill.

Runcolo- I'll think about it- thanks!

Ward- Don't hate me because it's beautiful... We are expected to get 4 FEET today! Tonight will be a snowshoe run! Can't wait!