Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday 40:00.

That's how I feel today. I made it 1 mile this morning before turning around and coming home. I ate 1 pound of pasta then went back to bed for 3 hours. I have another doctors app on Monday as I don't feel right. It's like a niggling feeling that things are off and I'm not just talking about my running. Not sure what, if anything, my doctor can actually do but I have great health care so I'll use it. My eyes aren't bleeding so I've ruled out Ebola, but that's going to be what I lead off with when I see my doctor. He'll like that. In the end I'm certain he'll tell me to stop running or that I am quite 'average'. Last I checked 'average' was not a good thing!
And to completely contradict this, I am signed up to race a 10k tomorrow morning! If my tempo run on Wednesday was any indication then I might crack 36:00...

pm) Second run felt no better. 25:00 of super light jogging. Legs are stiff, HR is high and I get short of breath very easily.


Ward said...

Looks like I rubbed off on ya coach! Hope you feel better.. ran 10 miles this morning.. feeling pretty good, the quads were starting to get tired the last couple of miles, but what a turnaround from Monday!

Justin Mock said...

Instead of Ebola, I'd go with this new "Swine Flu" that's in the news and that could reach pandemic status.

Anonymous said...

looks like over training to me.
Just need 10 days of 45 min easy runs
Increase protein and carbs and add a few pounds over the 10 days

Anonymous said...

yeah, i hope you feel better soon, too!

Lucho said...

Ya Ward- I think I caught what you have over the phone!

Justin- Just another addition to the long list of threats. It won't pan out. Avian flu was supposed to kill us all along with AIDS and the Russians. Ebola sounds more "fun" to me.

Anonymous- It does sound like that to me also. I made a huge error in my training coming off my break in December and am paying for it now. No base to speak of. I'm a full minute slower now than I was last year at the same HR's. I would say I should cut all intensity and step back, start my year over, and do what works for me. Cheers..

Thanks DS! I'll be fine.

kerrie said...

lol - i had the exactsame run today too i think, except i made it 10 min. and didn't even cover a mile. I took me over 20 to walk back. I was even thinking about taking a nap in the ditch cause the grass looked soft. i personally think that there is something in the air, that or GG is slowly poisoning me in small, undetectable amounts so that he can claim victory at the BB.

Lucho said...

Glen has been mailing me these "vitamins" saying they'll be great for me at BB... hmmm.