Thursday, April 2, 2009

Save the tauntaun!!

Thanks to Runcolo for this..
"Sleep in the belly of the beast"

This would certainly cut down on the losses from my herd of tauntauns.
Except I think these bags are made from ewok pelts.


RunColo said...

The "funny" thing is that the item is a joke, April Fools joke, you can't buy it. But those things would really sell, of course they would have to probably made adult sized version for the true Star War geeks.

I should steal that idea and run with it.

Lucho said...

There you go... one of those ideas that you wish you had thought of, but you're thinking of it.
The hard part will be finding a good ewok farm for the pelts. I think trapping them is illegal now.

RunColo said...

I think before Bush left office he took the Taun-Taun off the endangered species list, but when Obama entered office he quickly moved to place the Taun-Taun back on the endangered species list.

That link is awesome