Friday, April 24, 2009


am) 1:30 + 6 X 30" strides. Average HR 133.

Ben and I have spent all morning 'hiking' the property. For him it's a big hike since we still have a foot of snow. We checked our trees and moved broken branches. I was worried about our aspen grove but all 41 trees are starting to bud and look good. We have a bit of flooding with the temps being in the 60's so I taught Ben how to divert water. We filled several 5 gallon buckets with sand that we scraped from the shoulder of the road (sand from the snow plows) and filled in a few low spots. Then we had lunch out in the sun on our deck.. phenomenal day!


Matt said...

The image: uh oh.

Keep your head up, man! It's a process and you know this!

Lucho said...

That picture is called "Thinker".. I'm actually better than ever- but thanks Matt! I'm in a thoughtful mood lately... but 100% positive.

j.p. patrick said...

Let's play a game boys and girls! Which one of these artists seems out of place of my Playlist? ;)

D)Christina Aguilera

Lucho said...

I love all music. Besides- Christina is hotter than James Hetfield.