Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Hill Intervals..

I drove down to run hill intervals with my brother from another mother (and father) Jeff. Damn triathletes.. I used to be the guy (I'm just a has been now) that could bike hard, lift, swim then hang with the runners. Now I'm the guy that's impressed (IE: jealous of such athletes). Jeff hung with me today, impressive really. We ran 3 sets of 60"/ 90"/ 90"/ 60" hill intervals.. Jeff's GPS read 5:25 pace for the last 60" and we were going well over 400m on the 90". Solid hill too. I was hitting 180 HR on the 90" intervals... I think Jeff was about 160.
I weighed myself on Jeff's scale before we ran- fully hydrated and fully clothed I weighed 144. Naked- which Jeff kept trying to talk me in to- I'm under 140 now. Which means my maul is over 5% of my body weight. Whatever the hell THAT means I'm not sure.. it sounds bad ass though.


Dave said...

On the topic of weight loss, do you think it's a good strategy to loose as much as you can until you begin to loose strength? For a triathlete anyway? I've steadily been loosing weight (about 15 lbs) since december and I plan to continue on for another 10-15 by the start of the season.

I'm not sure if my strategy is correct, but I've never felt better riding and running. That could also be because I'm in better shape, but I'd just thought I'd ask.

And it most definately sounds bad ass to say that you split would using an instrument totalling 5% of your body weight!

Brett said...

I wish my maul was that big. :)

Lucho said...

Dave- If you "never felt better riding and running" then I would say to not change too much. With triathlon there are definite diminishing returns on weight loss. You need to monitor your strength closely and avoid tipping over the weight loss = strength loss edge. For a pure runner it is VERY different. Running requires very little strength and that can be proven. To push a certain wattage/ body weight ratio requires a tremendous amount of strength.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but you were a pretty darn good triathlete....and duathlete, if i recall correctly.