Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday 11 miles + Vo3 max hill intervals..

Today's workout was this:
4 X (60"/ 90"/ 60") steep hills at Vo2 max effort.
Rest intervals of 1' jogging between each/ 2' between sets.
Since I ran these up here at 8500 ft. altitude on a ridiculous hill I would call these V03 max which is a term that Jeff came up with.
Max HR on the 90" intervals was 187. Max HR on the 60" intervals was 181.
I would rank this as one of the top 5 hardest workouts I've ever completed.
During the 1' rests my HR was falling in to the 140's.. On the 2' rests it was in the 120's..

My recovery protocol for a session like this-
Hot shower. It was damn cold out..
Skins compression tights.
1 liter of water with whey protein.
1 mega vitamin B
Lay flat for as long as I can..
I would eat usually but I was completely nauseous. My lungs feel burned and I'm coughing. My back feels crampy from the effort on the hills. Legs are numb. All in all I feel great!


Anonymous said...

Will the Waggoners be eating Elk roasts this fall? That's plenty of free protein? And it would be a good strength session getting it back to your house...

Lucho said...

I grew up a hunter but don't kill anymore. I would much rather see them on the trail.
I am however not against buying elk meat. I just can't pull the trigger. I'll let someone else do that.

I will however be taking my boys fishing as much as I can. There's a massive lake just down the road.

Anonymous said...

I guess your predator running partners motivated you to run a bit faster :).
What's your max HR on the run?

Lucho said...

Vistica- Not sure what my max is on the run, but a few years back I saw 196 during a bike workout. I was quite surprised to see my HR that high on the hills yesterday. From what I have read- Vo2 max is lowered at altitude. Less oxygen is supplied to the muscles which causes them to function below their potential.
But I have also read that anaerobic exercise is much less affected than aerobic at altitude... those two ideas seem contradictory to each other so I don't know.. As the workout progressed my max HR became lower and lower though, I was definitely losing strength. I was able to break 175 on every interval though.
I would guess my max HR on the run to be 195.