Friday, February 27, 2009

Shed update..

As I said before I am on Stage II of the shed remodel. I have decided to heat the main office with this:

I figure this will give me more wood chopping chores so the neighbors don't think I've lost it as I beat the crap out of my tires. Bob took a few swings yesterday... he dropped the maul and laughed at me. Stephen looked at me like I was some crazy American. The tire beatings have become a regular gig.
The next room might be my bike shop/ work shop. Ben and I tore out the back wall today and have started to pull up the floor. I am debating between a shop or making it nice so that it could be a guest cabin.


Matt said...

First of all, it's a shabin. Second of all, you have neighbors? Thirdly, what happened to the moon runner? Lastly, can i hire Ben?

Have a killer weekend!

Lucho said...

Matt- I love art and am always finding (stealing.. shh!)pictures that represent the way I feel sometimes.. sappy I know. I love the new header pic.. I put in the numbers on the horizon- it says '2:19' which is my marathon goal.
Shabin... I like that! That's about the best name I've heard yet for the shed/ office/ now cabin.. thing.
I'm sure Ben would love to help.