Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saturday and Sunday group run.

The Solepepper group will be meeting at the Solepepper store on Saturday morning at 8:00am. We'll warm-up 20:00 of easy jogging up to Harper Lake. Then we'll stretch for 5:00. Then we'll run 4 X 30" fast strides. The workout is 4 X 7:00 at 1/2 marathon effort around the lake. The recoveries are 2:00 of easy jogging.

Sunday- I'm running Magnolia and Lazy-Z road. 16 miles with the last 3-4 miles steady uphill at a moderate effort. The over-all pace of the run will (if I feel okay) be ~7:00 per mile on a very hilly route. Anyone interested please let me know and I'll tell you where to meet. The run is going to be hard as shit... below is the planned route's elevation profile.


Anonymous said...

what program do you use to chart the elevation profile of your running routes?

Lucho said...

Hilda- It's
It does a pretty good job on the elevation profiles and is awesome for mapping and measuring routes and finding new routes.

uli said...

4*7' @1/2M pace is a pretty mellow effort.
What's the purpose of this training?
Just curious

Lucho said...

These will be just up under my lactate threshold, so I would call these cruise intervals or tempo intervals. Not THAT mellow really.. by HR (which I'm not using anymore except on recovery runs) these would be at ~170-175 HR..
My coach is holding me back a lot right now "pulling the reigns" as he calls it. This workout will progress every week and this is just a starting point.

uli said...

I know but still wonder. It's a broken 28 min effort of your ~68min race pace. I think 28 mins is still easy enough even without recoveries and has the benefit of being more race-specific.
In peak shape 40mins @1hr racepace would be a hard but doable workout. 4*7/68 is a far cry from that.
But as a starting point it definitely has its merits. I would be surprised if you overpace it.

Lucho said...

"and has the benefit of being more race-specific"... which is what we don't want right now. Race specific work should come only in the last 6-8 weeks before a race. If you work too much (too far out from the race) at race specific work then you plateau early. I have the Bolder Boulder 10k in ~13 weeks which is still not my #1 priority. I'll race a half marathon in the late summer/ early fall which will be the focus of my year. To be trying to target very specific sessions in regards to a race that is ~30+ weeks out may not be wise.
Part of the reason for the moderation (I agree that I could easily handle 28:00 at 1/2 marathon pace)is to hold me back slightly now so I'll have a greater chance of peaking in the fall, and also to make sure I adapt to the higher intensity sessions which are being added on top of a significant change in altitude. I'm going from pure Ironman- then marathon- specific training to much more intense 10k/ half marathon focus. There's risk, so moderation is smart.
Another possible argument is that I come in to fitness very quickly. 13 weeks out from a 10k.. I should be holding back!
Does that make sense? I see your point- and it's quite good. I think my coach is just trying to reign me in a bit.