Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday 0 miles

I felt like running today but got busy with work and driving down to Denver to Habitat For Humanity and shopping for a door for the office. The shed is completely out of whack, every timber is out of plumb, unlevel, twisted, warped, cupped, bowed, split or just wrong. I found a door that was close to fitting but I had to cut both the bottom and top to make it fit. Hanging it took some creativity and some unethical building practices. The door is upside down- I realize that, I like it better that way. Ben will be able to reach the door knob. Look closely at the second picture and how out of plumb the studs are and how I spaced the door frame. Dr. Seuss would be proud. I tore the wall out that had the planking on it and am reframing it to make it more solid and to match the office walls and floor. I bought insulation and tomorrow should be able to start laying that in to the ceiling along with filling in all the little gaps in the walls and floor.


Anonymous said...

how awesome of an entrance. geisel would be proud.

Lucho said...

D- Wait till you see the windows I'm putting in! t