Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I ran 6 miles this evening. I didn't bother to wear a HR monitor, I wanted to run, not walk. I'm going to allow the error in running with too high a HR until my legs get back under me and I develop a little fitness. I don't think I would tell a new runner to do this. And then again.. if you have to walk most of the run you really aren't going to get better as a runner. The terrain and altitude are a factor here though. On the flats and in Boulder I could easily run with my HR low enough... but at 8000+ ft. and on constant (steep) hills I know it was too high and I'm ok with that. It felt awesome.

Progress on the office.. planking the ceiling has turned out to be about the most difficult thing I've ever undertaken. It would help if I wasn't so weak! Holding the plank up and pounding nails above my head has wasted my arms and shoulders.


j.p. patrick said...

It may be the most difficult thing you've ever done...but... it looks AWESOME! I had my doubts when you showed it as a shell. Good work!

RunColo said...

Tim, it's looking good. Maybe you can turn this into an office/sauna!

Great meeting you last weekend!

MJ said...

It's a shame you're done as you've now missed the opportunity to buy a NAIL GUN. The ultimate man tool. Maybe you should plank all the ceilings in the house?