Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday 18 miles.. accidentally.

Any ideas for a title to go along with the header picture?

am) 9 miles of laughing and jogging with Jeff and Bob. 67 miles for the week after this run..
It was nice to run on flat trails and with out altitude. I could actually take a deep breath which I hadn't noticed was an issue running at high altitude. My stomach muscles are sore today from throwing up several times on yesterday's run.. something I didn't mention in yesterday's post. Mile 5.5-6.5 yesterday was a bit of a sting.

pm) Headed out in a mild blizzard to get 4 miles of easy jogging... one wrong turn and I ended up getting 9 miles. The dirt roads are like a labyrinth and there are very few homes or people and many roads with no names. I really didn't mind- it is beautiful out and the clouds are hovering at ~8500 ft and at times I was looking down on them. It's odd to run above the clouds. Gorgeous.. absolutely gorgeous run. I'm in running heaven.

Calves are a bit tired, hips are tight.. everything else is perfect. 76 miles total for the week so far. This doesn't feel much different from a 30 mile week.


Annie said...

Hey Tim,
I was wondering if you coach triathlons or just running? I have a friend looking for a tri coach, if you have any names that would be great.
Hope you are doing well, Andy and I will not be in Solvang this year and so bummed about it.
Annie Fox

Lucho said...

Hey Annie! I think we are just down the road from you guys? .. sort of?
Were in Golden..
I do coach triathletes, it's my speshi-ality.
My e-mail is jogdaddy at gmail

How are you guys?

Claus Bech said...

Hi Tim, the pictures of the trails look really nice, but also very tough. Being a total flatlander, I know how hard it is on my lower legs to suddenly implement hill running in every workout, as when on training camps in hilly/mountaineous terrain. Even recovering on the bikecan be a hassle, if you live in the bottom of a valley or on some mountainside and you can choose between going up or down. Having followed your blog for a long time, I know you're not shy of hitting the hills hard, but I think the difference lies in the recovery days. Up at your new place it seems you have no choice, but to go down to the flats or buy a treadmill. And besides the recovery issue, there's the turnover thing, how will you resemble the specific, efficient, flatland stride, that you'll need for a quick flat marathon. Do you know of other serious runners that live in places similar to yours? I read about that Anton Krupicka, who seems to love hilly runs, but he targets mountain/terrain running, while you're still in the flat/fast game. No means to discourage you, but I'm curious to know of how you're dealing with this environment in the long run - no pun intended... Your new picture reminds me of some new age logo, like the newborn whatever or some worshipper of the sun... Could you paste on your moustache, to mellow up the superhuman look?

Annie said...

That's great Tim, I will e-mail you. Glad to hear that you guys are so close, Golden is just 20 min. from us.