Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I finally got internet last night! I'm surprised at how 'lost' I am with out it.
I met with the contractor that is remodeling the shed (the contractor is me) and we decided that the deadline for completion is going to be the 10th of January. I am having a party on the 10th (30 people have RSVP'd) and 'the boys' need a place to reconnoiter.
We also discussed the local building codes in case an inspector decides to make a visit. Local building code #431 Section C requires that "Any resident remodeling a shed that is larger than 375 sqft. has, or is in the process of obtaining, a mustache". Since my shed is over 400 sqft. I am growing a mustache. It's going to be sweeeeet! After 10 years my wife just rolls her eyes.


Dave said...

Yesss! I knew the mustache was going to be a fixture! It was that cop picture with the aviators wasn't it?

Lucho said...

Dave- You nailed it... I HAVE to wear the aviators 24/7 now or I look funny. I'm thinking the Dale Earnhardt NASCAR hat may be a good accessory too.

Chr15 Tree said...

New Beginnings!
Happy 2009 :)

Dave said...

Haha! If you go with the NASCAR hat you may have to re-name this blog to "The In-TIM-idator"!

Lucho said...

Thanks Chr15.. all the best to you!

Very clever Dave.. I like that! HA!