Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday 14 miles

I was up before my wife and son... up before the sun to get a jog in. I drove up to our house to explore a bit, we're set to move in next Friday the 19th and I'm antsy to look around. I ran the labyrinth of roads that are endless and often times end in a single cabin way out in the middle of nowhere. I saw 2 cars in an hour+. HR averaged 138.


Matt said...

Mountain lions? Isn't such a run the equivalent of swimming in S.Africa off Seal Island? Be careful!

Well I'm taking some time off and it's back to the HRM. Thanks for all the help in '08. Nice work with Beth! Geez. What's your cut on her cash?

Happy holidays, homey!

Peter said...


It takes me back to the days I lived on the edge of a big forest close to Brussels. You could run for hours without seeing another human being. Plenty of rabbits, squirrels, roe deer and foxes though.
Now, I run on concrete and all I see is flat farmland and cows.


Ward said...

Now your just rubbing it in... ;-)

Beautiful pics..