Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Track 10 miles.

am) Jogged easy for 3 miles and slowly progressed comfortably... Then:
3 mile jog in 16:55. Average pace 5:38. Quite comfortable really. I guessed I was hitting maybe 6:00-6:10 pace?
Jogged easy for 400.
2 miles jog harder. No split. Never looked at my watch.. I just restarted it from the end of the 3 mile interval.
Jogged easy for 400.
1 mile jog hard. No splits.. just restarted after the end of the 2 mile.
Total time for the 6 miles- 33:11. Average pace was 5:31.

I had planned on doing 4 miles recovery because my legs are sore (a rarity for me)... I ended up with this.
My loose goal for Las Vegas is 4:23:51.02 and to have fun with the race.. maybe I can actually hit a goal time for once ;) Now watch me lose a foot or something and run 4:24. HA!

Random thought: I feel unbelievable... on every level. My motivation has waned but that is not directly related to my happiness. My life has gone better than I could ever wish. My wife and I are completely happy. My son is the most profoundly beautiful thing I've ever seen and I look forward to the rest of my life because of both of these people. I've chosen to surround myself with friends that I love. People that are like family. And my family.. they're the greatest non-choice I could ever wish for!
I've lived my life being true to myself and I look back with no regret... actually I look back with pride. I've lived my life as a good man for the most part. I've never been afraid to work hard for the things I want. I made my decisions so that I would be successful.. not in the money sense or the status sense, but in the sense that at the end of my life, when I know I'm going to die... when that realization hits me.. I won't be afraid.
Shit.. sorry for that. Kind of serious for a Wednesday.


beth said...

sounds like a good goal for vegas. solid, yet achieveable if you really put in the time and dedication it will take you to get there.

if you need a coach. please feel free to contact me. i think you have some good potential and i'd like to help you break that 4:30 barrier

i'd also like to do some brain training with you as well so you believe you can get there. a little minf f*$k, if you will.

Lucho said...

Ha! You're hired!! Sin City is going to be a blast... I'm road tripping with a keg in the trunk..

Brett said...

This comment left by another Disturbed convert.

Lucho said...

Brett- Yessssss! Disturbed is awesome... welcome aboard.

kerrie said...

wow - such a solid goal for vegas!
remember that p-diddy ran around a 4:15 and i think oprah went 4:30 in their marathon attempts. if you crack that 4:30 barrier with beth's help, i'll get you a t-shirt that says 'i beat oprah'.

which guy are you in the new header?

Lucho said...

Oprah is going DOWN!!!

I'm the husband in that pic..

jameson said...

dude... I'm still going to suggest you run the half with me. We can "jog hard" and then tap the keg you are bringing and watch Beth and Fatdad finish....