Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday 0 miles.

Had house inspection today... stressful! It's basically when a guy walks through and tells you all the things that are wrong with your recent purchase. I left feeling much better than when I went in and the inspector (Mr. Fast... seriously) said we 'stole' the house.
No exercise today with the exception of running around the farm chasing Ben while he went from watching a tractor cleaning up a horse pen to Rhea riding her horse in the corral. Ben would run over and point and say 'racto!!!' and then run back and say 'Reeeeeeeea!!!!'. He also got bit by another goat which infuriated him. This time it was his hand not his ear... he looked at the goat and yelled 'NO!'.. then started crying. My sweet, sweet boy... there's nothing in the world like seeing his little face look up at me with tears in his eyes. It's like getting kicked in the chest.

A couple of other blobbers have these things called 'streaks' going.. sort of a 'streaking' club. If I could give my 2 cents (1 cent with inflation). Even during my biggest weeks of both Ironman and my recent marathon venture I honestly have never tried to run consecutive days in a row for the sake of simply not missing a day. If you look at it from a pure time perspective- if you finish a run at 7:00 am on Wednesday.. and then don't run again until 7:01 am the following day- you've missed a day. There would be more than 24 hours between runs, which is a day. If you are gauging the streak only on a calendar though, then I see where it's going. What I can say is that I firmly believe that someone who has not missed a day in months... is probably not doing their best. It simply means that they are firmly set on not listening to their bodies. Are you training to get better or to just not miss a day? And if you haven't needed a day off in months then you're not training hard enough ;)

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chr15 tree said...

'streaks' - sounds like something intersting to do at a football match! :)

Thanks for your point yesterday, I was thinking the same...

Sounds like a nice 'new' place you have there, what with goats and all! Hope your son's hand is OK.