Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Walker Ranch 58:35

Walker Ranch loop in 58:35. Average HR 157. GPS read 7.66 miles. Overall a pretty easy effort. A few of the climbs forced me to walk in order to hold my HR down. With a warm-up and no HR monitor I can break the FKT before X-mas..


GZ said...

Only have done it once fresh ... did not break an hour.

Ironboom said...


Would you mind talking a little bit about of your heart rate relative to pace data. There is obvioulsy quite a bit of literature on heart rate training out there. But surely you could not have lost that much fitness just because you have taken a week or two off from running. There must be something else going on the fact that your pace is now almost 1-1:30min/mi or so slower at the same heart rates as before you took your break.

I always used to think the lower you could get your heart rate a given pace, the more fit you are, of course accounting for other factors that might influence heart rate as well. But in your situation, for example, that just cannot be the case. So what does heart rate really tell us? And specifically in your case, what does your heart rate tell us, if anything, about your current fitness level? Thanks

beth said...

FKT. i love it. you can totally break it. after this is accomplished, you must find new routes and establish FKT's by your mountain house.

off to run easy with james in the desert. happy friday.

j.p. patrick said...

I remember when Dave Mackey did the FKT on the Walker Ranch Loop, it was during an (unsanctioned) "event" pitting runners against mountain bikers. Dave won overall by a few seconds. You could say he had 'wheels' that day!