Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday.. 0 miles.

My third day of no jogging.. we spent the day looking at houses and we saw a lot of great places. The mountain home is still my top pick but we need to keep a level of practicality in the mix. We've seen a few homes that we can get for $100,000 less than what they will likely be worth in 5-10 years. We've kept resale value in mind. It's all been quite stressful and all consuming in thought. A few of the homes have made me think that we will be well off staying in Boulder County..


wende said...

I just don't want any of you to get attacked by a mountain lion.

JK1 said...

Also- I love the mtn. home BUT- as I'm sure you and Jo have realized- that extra 20 minutes tacked onto her drive to Arvada already, then add in the snow months- that's an extra 2hrs each day... again- not to be sour grape... I think the place 2 blocks down is looking better and better. HA! :)

Lucho said...

The drive from the mountain home to Arvada is about 5:00 shorter... Coal Creek to Standley Lake.
Do you take a little snow with beautiful mountain views for 25:00 or bumper to bumper traffic looking at garbage on the side of the road for 30:00?