Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday 2:00 Lift and bike..

am) Hard weight session. Out of simple frustration (and the fact that I love to lift) I blasted the crap out of my legs today. Very little rest between sets. The focus was on legs and here was the routine give or take a few pounds:
Leg extensions- 2 X 20 with 30# to warm-up.
Back extensions- 2 X 15
Leg press- 3 X 15 with 180#
Obliques- 2 X 15 each side
Squats- 3 X 20 with just the bar (my form is more important to me than the weight
Back extensions- 2 X 15
Single leg press- 3 X 6 with 180#
Obliques w/ twist- 2 X 20 each side
Calf raises (seated) single leg- 3 X 20/ 18/ 16 with 35#
Hip abductors- 3 X 15 with 30#-40#-50#
Adductors- 1 X 10 with 30#
Calf raises (standing) single leg- 2 X 10 body weight.
Front plank on Swiss ball- 2 X 1'
Hanging pelvic tilt (psoas)- 4 X 20 front/ 2 X 20 each side/ 1 X 2o with rotation.
Bench press- 3 X 20 with 400 pounds. ;)

Dry sauna for 20:00 with brutal work on my right plantar with a wooden massage tool (I think I was bleeding afterward)..

pm) Bike- Single speed for 1:20 with 10 max effort standing intervals of ~1:00-3:00.. went to near failure... which sucks on a single speed as there is no bail out gear. Once you're done with the interval your still in a 44 X 18 gear.


Dave said...

Hey Lucho,
I noticed that you spent more time on your abductors than on your aductors. Is there any specific reason for this? I usually try to perform the same amount of sets/reps for both. Just wondering. Also, do you think it's more important for triathletes or single sport runners to focus on any specific one? (ad vs. ad?)

Nice workout though. Reminds me of when I used to be nothing but a gym rat! :)

Lucho said...

Dave- The adductors are made up of 5 muscles where the abductors are made up of just 2 (main ones). The potential for an imbalance is fairly big (imho)when one works the adductors hard. It causes your feet to crossover when running. The abductors play a larger role in hip movement stabilization and hip joint (the actual ball and socket) stabilization.
Plus working my glutes makes my ass not look so non-existent..;)

stageracer said...

400 lbs on the bench......nice!!!!!!

Now I have to figure out how to type a cough and "bullshit"!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, What did you really bench!!!

Lucho said...

Only 3 X 20 reps of more than you could do...