Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday morning... prerace.

I hadn't planned on posting anything this morning, but I popped in to check my e-mail and noticed 16 new comments. All of the great words really are helpful and I appreciate everyone's support. Ben slept all night and so did I... the weather broke yesterday and it was a gorgeous afternoon and it looks like this morning will be ideal racing conditions, although I am concerned that my shirt is blue.. I can't race well in blue.. ha. I know I create all this drama, probably so I will have an excuse.. not sure the correct path to take in correcting that junk.


Ironboom said...

Good luck Lucho. Hope you kick ass.

FatDad said...

Yeah man, I'm with you. Everyone knows you can't go fast in a blue shirt. It's science.
Go kill it, Tim.