Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday 10 miles.

Last night I snuck in an extra 5 miles with a ton of drills and plyometrics- technically a 30 mile day.

am) 8 miles with 5 X 8" hill intervals. Brad Hudson has these in his training plans and I was skeptical as to the placement of hard work the day after a long run... but I see now the benefit. After these my legs felt awesome. Opening up my stride activated all the muscles that were fatigued from yesterday. Also, because these are uphill there is little pounding and they aren't that hard on the legs. Recommended...

n) 2 miles recovery on the AMT followed by core lift and 40:00 in the sauna. If you really want to experience your central governor in action... sit in the dry sauna (mine is set at 190 degrees) until you have a near panic attack. It's your brain trying to survive at it's finest. The 40:00 in the sauna was harder than a 5k race.


jameson said...

dude.... 40 min in the sauna? that's gnarly. I made it to 20 min last week and then panic attack started to happen. I will shoot for 25 this week.

I don't know wheter it's just in my head but the day after a sauna session I feel great and ready to hammer.

Any tips on getting through the longer sauna sessions? Do you read or listen to some jams?

Lucho said...

I do massage for the first 10:00, then stretch then lay flat for the rest of the time. Part of the benefit to the sauna is the mental relaxation and focus... reading would allow you to dissociate. You gotta focus on the discomfort.
I always feel great after the sauna. I think you get rid of a lot of junk from the sweating.

jason said...

5 X 8" hill intervals

Is that really 8 second intervals (double quote), or 8 minute (single quote)? 8 sec seems too short to even mention, but 8 min seems too long for the total distance you mentioned.

Lucho said...

8 seconds.. they were at maximum effort up a 10%+ grade.. Run 30 miles tomorrow then on Wednesday run 5 X 8" max effort hill intervals and see if you feel like mentioning it.. ;)

FatDad said...

I was skeptical at first as well. And although I didn't puke, like I did when Tim had me do the one minute step up efforts up the steepest hill I could find, after 8x8 second max efforts up the same hill I wasn't in any hurry to do more.

GZ said...

TL - coincidentally, I had also planned to do this eight second sprints. I too thought this was just whacky stuff. I too found them to be beneficial.

I can see where there could be athletes that don't benefit, or rather don't need them. Not the case for me (and I am guessing you). Guys like you and me that spend tons of time doing miles even at "fast" paces tend to forget the fun and physical benefit of a sprint.

I did not need these as much when I was 18 because I was more likely to engage in a soccer game, a sprint game of tag, ultimate frisbee. I have less (no) time for that stuff, and hence it has not been hidden in my training as it once was.

These are excellent for building stride power. For visualization, I kept thinking of a fellow competitor catching me at the line. The hill aspect of it helps reduce the impact, forces better form and develops core muscles that are not used on a flat run.

Before my run today, I suspected these were bullshit. If you are sneaking them in elsewhere, then you don't need 'em. I am converted now.

Anyone want to play frisbee?

Lucho said...

Good points GZ- Jason, I think the placement of the hill intervals following the long run is the key. If you ran them on fresh legs- yes they would not be worth mentioning. But the fact that you ran long the day before and your legs are not rested, changes the effect. You should try them to see for yourself. They really do make you feel better.
Fatdad- You didn't puke!!!? Dammit... I'm slipping.

Dave said...

"You gotta focus on the discomfort"-AWESOME!!! Just like Tyler Durden, "This is a chemical burn..." Really goes with my "Push 'till ya puke" mentality!

jason said...

Got it! Sorry for doubting you. :)